Litro Represents has a commitment to quality and originality. We pride ourselves in working closely with our authors to get the most out of every book.

We keep our list select so that we can provide the editorial support and promotional activities necessary.  

We receive a large amount of submissions a year so it is impossible for us to answer enquiries individually, but our ethos is to take our time over unsolicited manuscripts and to champion first time authors. We aim to respond within 4-6 months and cannot offer individual feedback. We regret that we cannot process submissions that do not follow the guidelines set out below, so please read carefully. If you would like to send us your manuscript, please follow the guidelines below. 

We focus on representing writers with contemporary fiction, so unfortunately we do not accept anything outside of this, including short story collections, historical fiction, children’s books, poetry or travel writing, picture books, or dramatic works (this means film, television, radio or theatre). However, if we want to work on a book with you, we will represent all rights, including dramatic, for that book. 

When submitting fiction, please email the first three chapters (or about 50 pages) and a synopsis. The synopsis shouldn’t be a blurb or a cover-style ‘teaser’, but a simplified explanation of the plot in one or two sides, listing the theme, setting and characters of your book, from the first to final chapter. We can only consider complete manuscripts.   

Covering letter

Please also include a covering letter giving an account of the background of the book and an account of your career to date. If you have been referred to Litro Represents by a personal contact let us know in your letter. Do also say if you have been published in Litro in the past, and mention if your project has been seen or is being seen by any other agents or publishers.


Please make sure that your material is typeset so as to be clearly legible. Pages should be numbered. Please remember to include your name and a contact number and email address on the first page of your manuscript.  


We do read every submission made to us, but have to give priority to the many authors we have published previously in Litro and to those we already represent. We try to read and respond within 4-6 months, but may take much longer in busy periods. Given the time it takes us to get to new submissions, we do encourage you to contact other agencies at the same time. 

We look forward to reading your submission

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.