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    Deadline: September 30, 2022
    Max. word length: 4,000 words as a rough guideline. We do make exceptions.
    If you're submitting artwork: 12 pieces maximum.

As early as July 2020, Forbes magazine had noted that the pandemic was causing a massive urban exodus across the United States. So where did everybody go? Clearly, the claustrophobia of apartment-dwelling (exacerbated by COVID-19 quarantines and the mysteries of contagion) had hit a tipping point that had led artists of all stripes to migrate out of the cities. But where did they end up next and what are they doing now? Did poets with freshly made country addresses rediscover the pleasures of pastoral verse? Were novelists – freed from the scrutiny of the corporate panopticon – suddenly emboldened to pen workplace romans à clef? Did essayists suddenly find themselves waxing philosophical about homelife, suburbia or – somewhat unexpectedly – parenthood? What are the collective reactions of these relocated lives and their rebooted careers even as the virus rages on?

For its next themed issue (“Place”), LitroUSA is very much interested in hearing from those among you who made the jump from New York to New Hampshire, from San Francisco to St. Helena, and from Houston to the hinterlands. How has your recent relocation reoriented your writerly practice? What do creatives with children or parents to caretake envision or obsess about at their iMacs and PCs? When does the whereabout – be it urban, suburban or (especially) rural – come into play when you put pen to paper. Whether your current abode is a remodel project or a prefab inheritance, a tiny home or a tony townhouse, we want to hear from you – particularly as it regards your immediate surroundings. Mind you, we’re also interested in stories from those who stayed behind in the city but it’s a new world for all of us. Show us what life looks like after lockdown. We’re thinking national in every way.

What’s it like to be a first-time dad in Nome, Alaska? We’re listening. How does tourist season play out when people are fearful of traveling? Clue us in, Key West. Who have you become when you no longer hear your neighbors’ fights bleeding through the cracked plaster. Fill us in, Fargo. Let our pages be a sanctuary of sorts in these fraught times. Don’t let your geography hold you back. Let it propel us all to new discoveries. LitroUSA’s “Place” issue promises to put new names on the map, alongside famous authors and emerging writers from everywhere from Maine to Maui to maybe wherever you are. Drop us a line, a paragraph, a story. For this special issue Litro is teaming up with the nonprofit Pen Parentis a sponsor of this themed issue, and we at Litro support their mission to keep writers on creative track after having kids, so for this issue, we are particularly encouraging writers who are raising kids to submit their experiences of place.

We accept short fiction, flash/micro fiction, and nonfiction. Given the focus of this issue, we are especially open to travel memoir and travel-related fiction in this instance. We do not accept poetry.

 Due to the volume of submissions we receive, please submit only one piece per theme. Additional submissions will unfortunately not be considered.
 Please also note that if we have published your work in the magazine, we won't consider publishing your work again until a year has passed.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.