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Change has come—and still more change is needed. 

For the past fifteen years, Litro Magazine has worked to be an inclusive literary arts platform that supports creative writers and artists from around the world and champions diverse voices and stories that have for too long been ignored by the literary establishment and the publishing industry.

To continue its mission of finding voices that can speak to our complex realities – yesterday’s, today’s and tomorrow’s – the Litro Leadership Programme is seeking out young, dynamic, passionate creatives who are ready to step up with vibrant ideas for the publishing industry and who can, with Litro’s support, incubate projects that will protect the advances that have been made and continue advancing the literary conversation.

Do you have an exciting idea that will positively impact the publishing industry? Do you have a savvy pitch for a transformative editorial, business, marketing, or digital project? Are you ready to take charge of your career and blaze new trails?

Apply now to the Litro Leadership programme, and let Litro help you take the next step in your publishing career. With the support and guidance of experienced mentors from the top publishing sectors, you will have someone to champion your ideas and work with you to see them to fruition.

To apply, pitch:

  •   an original project for the publishing industry (which may include, but isn’t limited to, digital development and software ideas);
  •   the project’s key steps and implementation;
  •   a SWOT analysis of the project (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats).

In addition to the pitch, please submit a cover letter (1,000 words max.) that explicitly responds to the following:

  •    Which area(s) of the publishing industry do you currently work in or are trying to break into?
  •    What has been your journey leading to this point, including any academic or work background?
  •    Why have you chosen this project, why are you the person most suited to realise it, and what do you need in order to realise it?

Please make sure that your pitch and cover letter are in 12-point Times New Roman. Images and graphics are encouraged but not required. Ensure that pages are numbered, and include your full name, contact number, and email address both at the head of the cover letter and the pitch.

Winning candidates will have the opportunity to sharpen their skills and incubate their ideas under the guidance of supportive mentors. In addition to their spot on the leadership programme, they will receive a year’s paid position at Litro Magazine.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.