Ends on December 25, 2018

Deadline: December 25, 2018

Max. word length: 5,000 words as a rough guideline. We do make exceptions.

If you're submitting artwork: 12 pieces maximum.

For our inaugural U.S. edition we want you to send us your stories of Desire. To be human is to desire what we do not have. Desire inspires and motivates us in many ways whether it be physiological desire - hunger or thirst; intellectual desire - curiosity; sexual desire - lust; or economic desire - consumer demand. Without these expressions human life as we know it, would cease to exist. Our culture in general and our economy in particular are built on our desire for things and experiences we do not have.

What do you desire? What do you really desire? For this issue we want you to delve deep into your subconscious and tell us: what calls to you so strongly that you simply cannot deny it or hide from it any longer? What calls you so passionately that fear can no longer be a deciding factor?
We accept short fiction, flash/micro fiction, and nonfiction. We do not accept poetry.  

Due to the volume of submissions we receive, please submit only one piece per theme. Additional submissions will unfortunately not be considered.
Please also note that if we have published your work in the magazine, we won't consider publishing your work again until a year has passed.
The Litro print magazine only publishes themed stories, but the Litro website is open to submissions of short fiction that are not theme-specific, published every Sunday with the Twitter hashtag #StorySunday.

You can submit more than one piece at a time, but please make separate submissions. 
Please also note that we have a rough policy of not publishing another piece by the same author within six months.